The new Panda Waze – a cute, fun and social compact crossover, is navigating its way into Motor Village UK in Marylebone and Croydon!

The Panda Waze offers a fun city experience like no other, which is made possible by the integration of two global smartphone apps – Waze and Panda Uconnect. Waze is a navigation app that saves time during your journeys, offering better routes and shortcuts to avoid traffic jams in traffic. More importantly it offers real-time updates from its user community. The Panda Uconnect app allows you to use your smartphone as an extension to the cars infotainment system – perfect to make those trips even more enjoyable and pleasurable!

In addition, thanks to a new Panda Uconnect app, photos and videos shot on board the new Panda Waze will be saved in the driver's smartphone gallery, ready for sharing with friends: yet another original way of experiencing journeys of all lengths, with the certainty of innovative services and a smart, social navigation system.

Last but not least, the Panda Uconnect app also features the "Find My Car" service, to help drivers to remember where they parked, and "My Car" for checking the car's parameters, such as scheduled services, and consulting the owner handbook, as well as direct calls to Fiat Customer Care or roadside assistance. Finally, if activated the "Object Reminder" function reminds the driver not to leave things in the car after getting out.

Pre-book your Panda Waze test drive now at your nearest Motor Village UK showroom.