Fiat 500L

From £ 16,995


Fiat 500L

Petrol - Petrol + LPG - Petrol + CNG - Diesel
80 - 120 HP / 59 - 88 kW
46.3 - 72.4 mpg (3.9-6.1 l/100km) / 3,3 - 4,7 CNG (kg)
EURO 5 / EURO 6 / CEE-F6
Manual - Dualogic Semi automatic



Bigger is always better, right? That’s why we’ve taken the features of the Fiat 500 and added extra comfort and roominess so you get the best of both worlds.


It’s not a question of “how a model is born” but “how an icon is born”.
The character that made it great is redefined in its authentic traits, unique and relevant to the 500 family.
The new 500L has a new look, with even more style and even more technology.


Journeys become more spectacular in a 500L. Its large windows reduce blind spots and give a stunning view of the world around you. For your passengers that is, you’ve got to keep your eyes on the road, obviously.

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Each 500L seat can be configured in 8 different ways. What does this mean? That in total, the 500L interiors offer you 1500 ways to configure the space inside the car. Simply let your creativity run free.


As much as your family obviously love each other, coop them up in a small car for a long journey and things may get a little… tense? That’s why the 500L boasts 2.17 cubic metres of cabin space and a 4.15-metre length, giving it the comfort of a minivan with the practicality of a city car. That should keep everyone sweet.


Your tablet, your partner’s sunglasses, your children’s teddies: in a 500L there’s room for everything thanks to the 22 storage compartments inside. So everything you need is always within easy reach.


The 500L boot knows no compromise. With its 400-litre capacity, it offers you all the space you and your family need, with room for everything you want to take with you.
And, by lowering the rear seat, the total loading capacity can be increased up to 1310 litres.

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UconnectTM 5” Radio Nav

Sure the 500L is a big car, but everything is still within easy reach, especially when it comes to technology. With a single touch you can stay connected with everyone, thanks to the innovative Uconnect device.

Uconnect™ allows you to manage all the multimedia functions of your car via a 5’’ touchscreen. And what’s more, with the Navigation upgrade, you can also benefit from a 2.5D integrated TomTom navigation function.

Turn up the volume

Listen to whatever you want from the very best seats in the house. The Fiat 500L offers an audio system developed with Beats Audio featuring 6 speakers on the front and rear doors, a Subwoofer in the boot and an 8-channel digital amplifier providing 520W of power overall. So you can enjoy concert quality sound while sitting comfortably behind the wheel.

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Safety features

Maximum safety levels

Nobody knows how to take better care of your family than the 500L family. This is why we have chosen to add 6 airbags, at the front and sides of the car.

Full stability

Welcome to worry-free driving. With the 500L, you can keep your family as safe as can be with perfect control in emergency manoeuvres or on slippery surfaces thanks to the ESC stability control system.

Trouble-free in the city

With 500L, driving around in traffic is completely safe: City Brake Control (available as an option) detects the presence of other vehicles or obstacles and automatically brakes to avoid collisions or mitigate their consequences.

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Fiat 500L

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