Effective April 8th the present London Congestion charge zone will become an Ultra Low Emissions zone (ULEZ) meaning that any Petrol engine cars which are non Euro 4 compliant and Diesels which are non Euro 6 compliant will have to pay an extra £12.50 on top of the £11.50 per weekday they will already be paying- and unlike congestion charge it is effective over the weekend too. That means for anyone travelling in daily that’s £24 per day on weekdays or an extra £4562.50 per year!


From Oct 25 2021 that ULEZ territory expands even further to any roads within the North and South Circular as the adjacent map shows (PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE MAP). 


Come and talk with us about getting a brand new ULEZ compliant car so you won't have to pay the additional fees with some great loyalty bonus offers until the end of March if you for instance already own a Fiat. Alternatively the vast majority of our used car stock is also ULEZ compliant so talk with our sales teams in either of our Marylebone or Croydon showrooms.

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