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Abarth 500C

Meet the new Abarth 500C. If you think this is simply an Abarth 500 with a folding roof, you're mistaken. Like the Abarth 500 hatchback, the Abarth 500C uses the T-jet 1.4 16v Turbo engine although this time power is boosted to an impressive 140 bhp whilst still delivering that unmistakeable Abarth theme tune. Those in the know will spot subtle refinements and styling details too.

The Abarth 500C. The epitome of Abarth style

The lengthened dynamic spoiler emphasises the Abarth 500C’s sporting heritage and ensures a more effective air flow distribution. Precision aerodynamics minimise turbulence when driving with the top down while with the top up, the Abarth 500C delivers the sort of performance that a hard-top performance car would be proud of, making the Abarth 500C the ideal car for cruising around London whatever the weather.

Inside the cabin you'll find that the Abarth 500C comes with an impressive entertainment system including a radio/CD/MP3-player and Blue&Me hands-free system with voice activation and wheel mounted controls. 4 x 40W speakers, 2 x 30W tweeters and a digital file reader with USB port ensure that you can play your favourite tunes in style.

To help you park in the tightest of London spaces, the Abarth 500C features parking sensors. Other features that make the 500C ideal for the city include climate control with a pollen filter, dualdrive electric power steering with ‘sport’ button and a turbo pressure gauge. The Abarth 500C's electric hood opens quickly and elegantly with impressive technical features such as a glass rear window and high-level brake light in the spoiler.

Abarth 500C. Fully loaded fun

And if that's not enough, the Abarth 500C is now available with Manual Transmission, opening up a whole new opportunity for those who were not enticed by the original paddleshift gearbox. Converted? You should be. Test drive the stylish Abarth 500C at Motor Village’s flagship Abarth showroom in central London.